The Shortcuts app on your iPhone is a unique tool that requires some exploration to unlock its full potential.

10 Tips for Mastering the Shortcuts App

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

The Shortcuts app offers powerful capabilities, but you don't need to be a tech expert to benefit. Explore the Gallery tab to find a variety of pre-made shortcuts, ready to use

Harness Shortcut Suggestions

When creating shortcuts, let the app assist you with suggestions. It saves time and simplifies the process. You can also access app-specific suggestions

Turn Shortcuts into Automations

Unlock the true magic of Shortcuts by setting up automatic triggers.  Imagine your iPhone performing tasks like magic.

Diverse Shortcut Activation

Besides tapping the shortcut button, you can activate shortcuts by voice with Siri, using the Action button on newer iPhones

Shortcuts on Your Apple Watch

While you can't create shortcuts directly on your Apple Watch, you can run them. Customize which shortcuts are available on your watch, add them as complications

Different Actions on Different Devices

your shortcuts for iPhone and Apple Watch with a clever trick. Use "Get Device Details" and "If" actions to create unique behaviors based on the device 

Explore Third-Party App Actions

Many third-party apps offer Shortcuts integration, providing useful actions to streamline your tasks. 

Location-Aware Shortcuts

For instance, set a shortcut to control your home lights when you're home and activate "Do Not Disturb" when you're away.

Personalize Your Home Screen

Use Shortcuts to personalize your Home Screen with custom app icons. Find ready-made icons online to give your iPhone a unique look.