Softube's Latest Innovation


Discover the next level of audio mixing with the Console 1 MK3 by Softube, a revolutionary controller that enhances your studio workflow.

Softube's Legacy

Seamlessly integrate the Console 1 MK3 with your favorite DAW, giving you tactile control over your plugins and a true analog feel.


Realistic Analog Feel

Emulate legendary analog channel strips with the Console 1 MK3, bringing classic warmth and character to your tracks.


Core Mixing Suite

Experience an intuitive interface with dedicated knobs, buttons, and a high-res touchscreen for precise control over your sound.


: Knob-Per-Function Interface

Tailor your mixing experience with the MK3's extensive library of compatible Softube and UAD plugins.


Impressive Features

Softube Tape/Preamp Shape: Transient Shaper Vintage and Modern EQs Three Compressors New Drive Algorithm


Connectivity and Mounting

Get real-time visual feedback on your mix with the dynamic LED meters and indicators, ensuring your music sounds as good as it looks.


A Studio Workhorse 

In summary, Console 1 Channel MKIII is a robust studio tool designed to streamline workflows. For Softube users, it enhances the DAW experience. 


Crafting Soundscape

Take the Console 1 MK3 with you and mix on-the-go with its compact design and USB-powered convenience. 


Pricing and Availability 

The Softube Console 1 Channel MKIII is available for order from Amazon, empowering music professionalstrol.


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